vetusta morla - "Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar" Tour 2018, La Tentation, zaterdag, 01. december 2018

Spain's popular alternative and indie rock band vetusta morla will play in Belgium for the first time ever. They bring the songs from their succesful new album "Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar" and of course more. 
Vetusta Morla is the most important Spanish rock band in recent years. Since their debut album in 2008,the sextet has not stopped receiving public and critical recognition until becoming the benchmark for the rise of live music in Spain.More than half a million attendees on their last tour (which over almost two years led them to play morethan 120 concerts in a dozen countries throughout Europe and America), two Platinum Records (morethan 55,000 copies sold of Un día en el mundo and more than 40,000 of 15151), and two Gold Records (more than 38,000 units sold of Mapas and more than 31,000 of La Deriva) are just some of the figures that accompany a band that has managed their career through their own record label, Pequeño Salto Mortal.Almost all of their albums are licensed in countries where the band regularly tour and have a legion of followers such as Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Germany.If there is something for which Vetusta Morla is well known, it is precisely one of the best live performances in the world today. Since its first concerts, the band has stood out through the convincing nature of its sound, the precision of their performance and communion with the public. That was the opinion of the concert halls of Madrid when awarding them the Guille Award for Best Live Sound in 2008 or Rolling Stone magazine, which awarded them the Best Tour Award in 2012 after they played more than 100 concerts in a year, playing Mapas in Spain, Europe and America.
Doors: 20:00 hrs 

zaterdag, 01. december 2018, La Tentation, vetusta morla - "Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar" Tour 2018

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