TimeXtender Workshop 3 Dec 2019 - Brussels, AGILOS, dinsdag, 03. december 2019

Spend 3 hours of your time now, and save 3 days, weeks or even months afterwards!
What will you learn?

See how TimeXtender removes the roadblocks towards self-service analytics.
Learn and experience it yourselves. Touching is believing!


13:30 - Refreshment drinks
13:45 - See, try it yourselves, fail, try again, succeed
16:30 - Network with peers, relax, enjoy a homemade smoothie

More specifically...
We will show you and teach you how you can easily overcome the following roadblocks:
1. Roadblock One: Data Access

Access — all relevant data sources at once
Combine — data from multiple sources
Ensure data security/integrity — by providing an effective data governance model 

2. Roadblock Two: Modeling Data into a Meaningful, Workable Format

Access to meaningful and trustworthy data rather than to source tables with hard-to understand headers and rows
Avoid data quality issues
Managing data through metadata

3. Roadblock Three: Compliance

GDPR — manage data privacy EASILY
Documentation — Generate real-time documentation on the data an organization holds, where they hold it, what it is used for and who can access it. With a push on a button.

4. Roadblock Four: Accelerating (=automating) BI apps development

Generate BI applications in PowerBI, Qlik, Tableau and more
Maintain applications from within TimeXtender, or directly change the applications in your BI tool

What's the purpose of this free workshop? And why Agilos and TimeXtender?
We want to let you experience the power of innovative BI technology. As a leading provider of innovative BI expertise and solutions, we want to share the experience we’ve acquired during our various projects and share with you how easy it is to build a fully functional business discovery application … or have it generated automatically by TimeXtender.But it's summer time, so we want you to relax while learning.

dinsdag, 03. december 2019, AGILOS, TimeXtender Workshop 3 Dec 2019 - Brussels

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