The Round Table N°4 - Inner Peace For Conscious Leaders, Via Via reiscafé, zaterdag, 01. december 2018

The Round table: A gathering of conscious leaders to experience inner peace:

1. *Mastermind* to improve leadership skills

2. *Astrological forecast* of the month's energy, opportunities & challenges

3. *Spiritual Practice* Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Mantra singing for healing & letting go

This will help the leader get:

A clear vision and sense of purpose for the month

A laser focus on the key areas and tasks while keeping balance in business & personal life

A better understanding of how to integrate mental and spiritual habits into your daily life

To become "conscious" means first finding 'the peace within' to then 'express the leader you are'.


1. Mastermind to improve leadership skills - 1 hour & 20 minutes

The Mastermind is your support in enhancing your 'Personal Leadership', 'Strategic thinking', 'People/team Skills', 'Communication' & 'Influencing skills'.


The aim is to take each other to the next level by offering constructive feedback on your leadership & business skills through real life cases and/or hypothetical cases. (The more prepared you come, the better your results!)


The Leo Mystic will also provide his expertise as he teaches these skills daily in companies like EY, Business & Decision, CGI and many more.

2. Astrological forecast of the month's energy, opportunities & challenges - 45 min.

The forecast shows the opportunities and challenges that will present themselves in the following month. By studying and understanding the energetic shifts of the planets, the conscious leader can prepare himself for the coming opportunities & challenges in his business & personal life.

3. Spiritual Practice: Kundalini Yoga & mantra for healing & letting go - 45 minutes

While the Astrological forecast tells us more about what to prepare ourselves for, the Kundalini Yoga & mantras are the 'how to be prepared'. They are the tools that will help the conscious leader stay grounded in the decision making process and take advantage of opportunities & deal consciously with challenges.

Other benefits of joining the Round Table:


1. A safe space with a community of like-minded leaders that share respect & support each other in their personal & spiritual growth

2. Exploring spiritual wisdom to assist in the process towards becoming a conscious leader




This gathering will be organised every first weekend of the month.


Sign up by clicking the link below and reserve your seat!


If you have any question send it to:


The Leo Mystic and everybody there is looking forward to welcome you there!


Much Love 


MVDB - The Leo Mystic

zaterdag, 01. december 2018, Via Via reiscafé, The Round Table N°4 - Inner Peace For Conscious Leaders

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