SingularityU Brussels Summit 2019, The Egg, maandag, 23. september 2019

Exponential Europe.
The 2-day SingularityU Brussels Summit 2019 will take place on 23-24 September, 2019 in The Egg in Brussels.
The SingularityU Brussels Summit brings the world's leading speakers and experts on exponentially accelerating technologies together with inspirators who are changing and shaping the world in a positive way, providing us with the mindset, knowledge and tools we need in an exponentially changing world.  
These changes show no signs of slowing down; in fact, they’re accelerating rapidly.
Changing Perspectives.
Change is vital to European competitiveness in the global economy. Changes improve people's lives and build greener and better societies. This era is expected to have consequences across the whole of society, we need to bring together all relevant actors to tackle and use this momentum to its best, towards a smart, sustainable and inclusive society.
Many people, organizations and societies are not taking full advantage of these advanced technologies or the innovative business models offered by the new economy.
European industry should proudly and boldly build on its strengths and seize the range of opportunities that technologies offer.  New technology applications represent the next frontier for European businesses to drive industrial leadership, growth and great value for society.
We invite you for the SingularityU Brussels Summit 2019, where we will inspire you with different perspectives, leading the way forward into shaping a brighter future. They will share their lessons learned and provide you with the mindset and tools needed to positively impact your life, your business and our society as a whole.
You should attend if you are:

A corporate or government executive leading transformation or disruption in your organization.
An innovator or entrepreneur using accelerating technologies, aiming to solve a huge challenge.
A non-profit working to solve the global grand challenges, wanting to positively impact the lives of many people.
A teacher preparing and shaping the next generation for a future that looks nothing like the past.
A student looking to explore the abundance of possibilities that lie ahead of you.

We will be introducing the speakers soon, so stay tuned through the Summit website and our social media accounts!
Every ticket includes: entrance to a 2-day Summit, delicious catering, tech demos, break-out and side sessions, opportunities to meet the speakers, exclusive access to the Summit app and much more.

maandag, 23. september 2019, The Egg, SingularityU Brussels Summit 2019

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