Participation as a route to integration – the AVAIL and ARCI Projects. , Brussels, woensdag, 04. december 2019

It is with great pleasure that the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the British Red Cross (BRC), in cooperation with the AVAIL (Amplifying the Voices of Asylum seekers and refugees for Integration and Life Skills) and ARCI (Action of Red Cross on Integration on Relocation and Resettlement) project partners, invite you to our conference on “Participation as a route to integration – the AVAIL and ARCI Projects. Working with not for resettled and relocated refugees, asylum seekers and host communities in Europe”.
The conference will be an opportunity to share the main outputs of the AVAIL and ARCI projects, building upon sector knowledge to promote the participation of refugees and communities towards becoming equal partners in policy making and service delivery. This includes looking at models and tools for improving relocation and resettlement processes as well as prioritising the integration of refugees and asylum-seekers.
The British Red Cross-led AVAIL project has been piloting and developing mechanisms across Europe through which services and policies can be co-designed and co-delivered by refugees themselves. Similarly, the IFRC-led ARCI project explores integration pathways for refugees through resettlement and relocation, evidencing the value of participation by refugees and host communities in both pre-departure and post-arrival stages.
Both projects are co-funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union.
Objectives of the meeting
>        Share key learnings from the AVAIL and ARCI projects - highlighting the needs emerging from resettlement and relocation, and the need for participatory approaches.
>        In-depth discussion around participatory mechanisms, including partnerships at the local level, within services, policy development, and financial mechanisms to support the integration of resettled and relocated refugees, asylum seekers and host communities.
>        To encourage collaborative working within the refugee sector, and to build understanding of the impact of refugee participation when working with not for resettled and relocated refugees and asylum seekers.
DAY 1 4 December: Public Closing Conference of AVAIL and ARCI projects
Location : L42 Business Centre, Brussels, Rue de la Loi 42, B-1040 Brussels
DAY 2 5 December: Internal RCRC Fringe meeting
Location : RCEU Office, Rue de Trèves 59-61, 1040 Brussels

woensdag, 04. december 2019, Brussels, Participation as a route to integration – the AVAIL and ARCI Projects.

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