Inclusive Leadership Ambassador Network, Fosbury & Sons, donderdag, 20. februari 2020

If you are in charge of diversity & inclusion (D & I), it's very important to learn from others. How do you get it higher on the agenda? How do you set realistic goals? How do you get both women and men on board? What works and what doesn't?
Join our Ambassador network of companies sharing the good, the bad & the ugly. Learn all about our 5 drivers for change model, exchange practices with other D & I professionals and take a discover new solutions with impact presented by experts. All sessions are over lunch in Brussels, Antwerp or Ghent.
Save the date for 4 Inclusive Leadership lunches (11h30-14h) on February 20th, May 30th, September 17th & November 26th. Register now for the entire series of 4 network events in 2020 by clicking 'ticket' in upper right corner. Your ticket will give your company access to all 4 meetings of the Ambassador network.
This Ambassador Network is for all change makers in charge of diversity & inclusion in their company (no consultants).
Why it matters
More gender and etnic diversity in leadership teams has a direct positive impact on the bottom line for companies

21 % better financial results (Mckinsey)

38 % more relevant innovation (Catalyst)

better talent attraction as young professionals prefer companies that showcase their added value to society

better reputation (Forbes most admired companies have double the number of women in the exco)

better risk management and less litigation (Catalyst)

Thank You for helping me develop more female leaders.
See you soon,

Elke Jeurissen
Founder Straffe Madammen & Fierce Ladies

donderdag, 20. februari 2020, Fosbury & Sons, Inclusive Leadership Ambassador Network

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