Biodiversity Conference "Belowground life & biodiversity for a healthy soil", European Parliament, dinsdag, 10. december 2019

Draft agenda
European Biodiversity Conference - Belowground life & biodiversity for a healthy soil "It is a small world after all" 
The European Landowners’ Organisation with the 2019 European biodiversity conference would like to address the specificities linked to soil management and biodiversity. Land managers are highly dependent on the good quality and health of their land. An increased understanding of the role played by (soil) biodiversity in European and global ecosystems is needed. All the more so that we know now that climate change will impact the performance of multiple ecosystem functions and services. Discussions will revolve around the European political agenda linked to the new Biodiversity Strategy and possible new ambitious targets. The role of the CAP and farmers to increase soil carbon sequestration to mitigate climate change will also be debated. Finally, the conference intends to promote sustainable innovative agricultural techniques that also protect the environment and promote sustainable economic development. New practices and technologies, such as the ones developed by the progress of sciences and offered by new agri-environmental regulations, should play an increasing role in the “toolbox” of agricultural techniques available for farmers, landowners and land managers.

14h30 Opening

Co-Hosts MEP Franc BOGOVIČ & MEP Alvaro AMARO

14h45-15h00 Keynote speech 

Land management and soil life, Professor Gerard GOVERS, KU Leuven

15h00- 15h30 Panel 1:  Driving forces that influence biodiversity in agricultural soils

Q&A 15h30-15h45

15h45- 16h15 Panel 2: a Policy framework for soil quality

Q&A 16h15-16h45

16h45-17h15 Panel 3: Innovation to improve soil health

Q&A 17h15-17h30

17h15-17h30 Conclusion 


dinsdag, 10. december 2019, European Parliament, Biodiversity Conference "Belowground life & biodiversity for a healthy soil"

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